The cooperative Thader Cieza S.C.L. is strategically located in the northern part of the region; its area of influence is quite extensive, since we have associates of different zones as ABARAN, BLANCA, FORTUNA, ARCHENA, MOLINA DE SEGURA and PUERTO LUMBRERAS, which allows us to have a wider range of products.

Thader Cieza

The installations of Thader Cieza are found since 2003 in the interstate Madrid-Cartagena, Km. 342, on a 48.000 m2 plot with more than 12.000 m2 built, distributed among 1.500 m2 of product reception docks, 2.500 m2 for storage of empty containers, 6.000 m2 for manipulation of the product, 1.500 m2 of cold stores and blast chillers, 100 m2 of expedition docks and 600 m2 of offices, dining room and changing rooms.

Thade Cieza

Thader Cieza also counts on a 600 m2 store for the pesticide supplies sale that depends on the technical department, which devises the plans of irrigation and fumigation of each one of the associates of our cooperative. In this way we assure that our farmers comply with the current laws, and we produce a modern, clean a quality agriculture.

Thader Cieza
In Thader we are aware that we have to keep fighting for our member's interests.